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Newsletter July 2020 - launching my new website

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

What a crazy 2020 so far!  Many of you have been struggling with the emotional and psychological stresses of the recent global pandemic, whether you have any first-hand experience of the virus or not.  Often the mere thought of a life-threaten situation is enough to cause severe distress for people, their families and their societies.  This threat, along with major life changes and social isolation, causes traumatic stress, weakening our system more and making us prone to all disease. 

Since there is currently no reliable method for testing for this particular strain of coronavirus, and distinguishing it from other strains like the common cold, the extent of this pandemic can never be known for certain.  The real impact that we will continue to feel for many years is the loss of our way of life, not to mention the effect on our national economies.  Although we do not know what the future has in store, we do know that our lives have changed and are unlikely to return to "normal".  We have no choice but to find ways to build a better future and a new normal.

In numerology 2020 is a four year.  Four years are all about decluttering our lives and building a stronger foundation for our future.  Lockdown has forced many of us to gain a fresh perspective of where we are in life and find ways to plan and structure our new normal.  I am currently decluttering, reorganising, building strong foundations and planning my future.  This month I am rebranding, officially launching my new website, teaching my first online BodyTalk class and sending out my revamped newsletter explaining all (link below).  I will continue to build the website and have lots of exciting plans for the rest of 2020 and beyond.  Meantime look after your wee-selves, and I'll look forward to connecting with many of you soon.

Lesley x         

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