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Face-to-face Sessions available via Zoom!!

Since announcing my in-person clinic was open for clients last week the recent local restrictions in Northern Ireland mean I have to close again!! Obviously I have absolutely no idea how long this restriction will last so I have decided to trial doing face-to-face sessions via Zoom instead, along side my usual distance clinic. These sessions are available for booking now online at this link.

If you are currently scheduled to come to clinic I will be in touch nearer the time to discuss your options.

Distance Clinic Offer

I usually do a special offer on distance sessions in December as many of us need extra support over the cold, dark months. I have decided to start early this year due to the pesky virus that continues to dominate our lives. This offer allows you to have monthly "me time" without worrying about social distancing, travelling in inclement weather or having to rush to be somewhere at a given time. All you have to do is book online and schedule your first session and I will be in touch.

Until next time look after your wee selves,

Lesley x 

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