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The BodyTalk System



My BodyTalk Journey


My BodyTalk journey started in 2007 when I received three emails from three different people about an up and coming BodyTalk presentation and some introductory courses being held fairly locally.  I had no idea who those people were, had never heard of BodyTalk, but somehow, I knew that I had to be there.  The presentation was by Beverly Lutz, a pioneering BodyTalk Instructor, from Canada.  By the end of this presentation, I knew that I had to join the classes to learn this amazing system and integrate it into my clinical practice. Three months later after intensive study and practise Beverly graduated a handful of us as the

first CBPs (Certified BodyTalk Practitioners) in Northern Ireland.  


Beverly took me under her wing as a trainee Instructor and by February 2009 I was teaching

BodyTalk Access while doing extensive training to become an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner

and a Certified BodyTalk Instructor.  By July 2010 I was teaching other practitioners and helping

to spread the word about BodyTalk.


I have continued my studies with the IBA (International BodyTalk Association) ever since to keep

up-to-date with the latest developments in integrative healthcare.


What Can BodyTalk Help With?


Absolutely anything!  I truly believe there are no limitations to our healing potential only our belief systems which can also be healed with the right approach. Although I cannot make any guarantees it certainly is worth trying this amazing, dynamic, approach to healthcare.   


How Many Sessions Will I Need?


The amount of sessions required depends on the individual and their conditions.  For some, one session is enough to help to get them back on track and for others, regular sessions are necessary.  I use techniques to help determine what is right for you going forwards although the choice is always yours.  I do recommend a minimum of three sessions for everyone.


What Is BodyTalk?


BodyTalk is a revolutionary form of integrative healthcare encompassing western medical expertise, traditional chinese medicine, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, osteopathic and chiropractic philosophy, the clinical findings of applied kinesiology and the Insights of modern physics and mathematics.  The BodyTalk System was created by Dr John Veltheim, an Australian chiropractor, acupuncturist, philosopher and author who’s postgraduate studies include applied kinesiology, bio-energetic therapy, osteopathy, sports medicine, counselling and comparative philosophy and theology. 


BodyTalk addresses the “whole person” including emotional, physical and environmental issues.  As a whole-healthcare system BodyTalk supports the health and wellbeing of any person, animal, or plant by also considering the psychology of the body as well as the mind which cannot be separated.


BodyTalk Practitioners identify the story behind the symptoms.  The client’s life-style, genetics and history are all considered in establishing a personalised approach to healthcare for lasting changes.  BodyTalk respects the body’s own needs and determines the body’s priorities for healing.  Then with the use of a variety of non-invasive techniques, BodyTalkers refocus the body’s natural healing response to establish better communication within the body. 


Considering the whole-story of the body is extremely important to the healing process.  By doing this, The BodyTalk System is providing a truly whole-istic approach to the treatment of dis-ease.  This understanding, along with the effective BodyTalk techniques is why The BodyTalk System is such an effective Healthcare system.


While BodyTalk does not diagnose or treat specific ailments, clinic experience has shown that once their overall systems are balanced through BodyTalk, clients have exhibited significant improvement in the areas of stress, chronic pain, back pain, chronic fatigue, emotional disorders, digestive disorders, headaches, arthritis, sports injuries, sports performance, learning disorders, endocrine disorders, phobias, viruses, infections, allergies. 


BodyTalk recognises that each system of healthcare and each practitioner have a unique knowledge and skill set.  BodyTalk is designed to integrate all fields of healthcare to create a complete approach to health and wellbeing.  This includes referring a client onto another Healthcare practitioner or field of healthcare when necessary.

BodyTalk Courses Completed



BodyTalk: Fundamentals

BodyTalk: Principles of Consciousness

BodyTalk: Bio-Dynamics

BodyTalk: Macrocosmic BodyMind

BodyTalk: Matrix Dynamics

BodyTalk: Lymphatic Drainage & Applied Anatomy & Physiology

Advanced Modules Integration

BodyTalk for Animals 


Advanced MindScape


FreeFall 1

BodyTalk Orthopedic Evaluation

BodyTalk Fascial Energetics 1 & 2

Structural Integration 

BodyTalk Access

PaRama Unit 1 Practical with Claudia Schembri-Heitmann PhD

BodyTalk Session Intensive Loesje Jacobs, Dr Kerry D'Ambrogio

BodyIntuitives with Dr Laura Stuve and Dr Janet Galipo




Courses Completed with BodyTalk Founder

Dr John Veltheim


BodyTalk Interactive

Finding Health: Mapping the Healing


Finding Health 2: Applied


PaRama Units 1 & 2

PaRama Unit 1 Practical

Eastern Medicine

Founders Session Intensive x 6

BodyEcology (with Dr Laura Stuve)

Practitioner Reflex


The Soul's Journey


BodyTalk Qualifications


CBI - Certified BodyTalk Instructor

BAT - BodyTalk Access Trainer

AdvCBP - Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

PaRamaBP - PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner


  "I do feel better - I slept ALL weekend that session completely took it out of me, although I feel great this week and have loads of energy again for the first time in ages." N.A. Northern Ireland


I am feeling so much better it's unbelievable, so thanks for that.  Sinus problems have improved so much and my pains and aches have gone completely." J.M. Scotland 

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