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Sports Performance and Injury

Many of Lesley’s clients are serious sports people and whether they are seasoned professionals or just want to take the occasional walk in the park Lesley can help them reach their full potential and recover quickly from injury.  


Using various techniques Lesley helps physical bodies work better and although physical ability is important often people struggle with their belief systems around themselves and their abilities.  Freeing them up from these limiting belief systems can improve their overall performance. Another thing people do is store these limiting belief systems in their injury areas along with all the emotional factors surrounding what happened.  For example imagine how you would feel if you broke your leg in a semi-final of your chosen sport!!  This makes injuries slow to heal and unresponsive to physical treatments. Delving deeper to help shift the whole story around the injury frees the area up and encourages better healing.   

Lesley also has techniques where she can set up a supportive session or sessions to work when a client needs it most.  For example a marathon runner might need a session for the build up to the race and one for recovery afterwards but sometimes they need a couple of other sessions to kick in at certain periods during the race.  The important thing is that everyone is different.  Lesley can ask the body what it needs and set the wheels in motion.

Changing Lives

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