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My Integrative Medicine Journey (based on Quantum Physics)


In 2004, I watched a film called "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" which introduced me to the work of Amit

Goswami, PhD (The Quantum Doctor), Dr Masaru Emoto (The Hidden Messages in Water) and neuroscientist 

Dr Joe Dispenza.  As a Reiki master and kinesiology student struggling with my health at that time, I had come

to understand that "we tend to deal with the physical aspects of keeping ourselves healthy and ignore the

emotional dimension – our thoughts and feelings, even our spirits, our souls." Dr Candace Pert.


This film – and these scientists, in particular – helped me to see healthcare from a completely different perspective based on quantum physics where "consciousness comes first; it is the ground of all being.  Everything else, including matter, is a possibility of consciousness.  And Consciousness chooses out of these possibilities all the events we experience.” Amit Goswami, PhD.  The latest research shows "that we have a natural ability to change the brain and body by thought can change who you are from brain cell to gene, given the right understanding.  When you learn how to use your attention and access the present, you will enter through the door to the quantum field, where all potentials exist." Dr Joe Dispenza.  Therefore to maximise our full potential we need to observe ourselves, our health, and our lives from a different perspective.  "The life {we} live and the world {we} live in are up to {us}... If {we} fill {our} hearts with love and gratitude, {we} will find {ourselves} surrounded by so much that {we} can love and that {we} can feel grateful for, and {we} can even get closer to enjoying the life of health and happiness that {we} seek."  Dr Masaru Emoto.


This understanding helped me to change my approach when working with clients and teaching students and set me on a new exciting journey of learning and discovery.  This led to extensive studying in this dynamic field of healthcare including training with International BodyTalk Association, PaRama Campus and Quantum University.  In 2019, I completed a Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine at IQUIM (International Quantum University Integrative Medicine) Hawaii, the only university in the world to share my passion for consciousness-lead healthcare.  This was an opportunity for me to learn from world-renowned specialists and pioneers in the field of Quantum Science and Medicine (more)

Integrative Medicine


Paul Drouin, M.D., IMD


Canadian Medical Doctor, PhD in Integrative Medicine, author of Creative Integrative Medicine, and president and founder of Quantum University


Dr. Drouin devoted more than twenty years to private practice as a medical doctor in Canada, exploring both traditional and alternative methods to further his knowledge of curative, preventive, and integrative medicine.


Drouin, P. (2013, March 12). Quantum Physics: A New Scientific Foundation for Integrative Medicine[Blog post]. Retrieved from

What is Integrative Medicine?


Science defines the premise upon which our understanding of reality is based. Traditionalists have declared that conventional Western medicine is the only scientific medicine.  The current medical system is based upon a materialistic model incorporating Darwinist theories of evolution, Newtonian physics, chemistry, and physical (elementary particle level) anatomy and physiology.  However, through explorations and observations of the behavior of particles at the subatomic level, science has evolved.


Fifty years ago, quantum physics emerged as a new scientific standard and model of understanding of reality.  It has revolutionised our society on many levels, sparking discussions of science vs. spirituality/consciousness; transforming the core of our society. It is now time to redefine a form of integrative medicine based on the new scientific model of understanding of the universe according to quantum physics – Integrative (Quantum) Medicine.


Through the principles of quantum physics we can explain how ancient traditions of healing such as Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine, and modalities such as Homeopathy and Naturopathy, work with the body’s subtle energy systems such as ch’i, prana, and vital force energy.  A leading quantum physicist, Amit Goswami, PhD., has already laid the foundation for this in his book, The Quantum Doctor, a physicist’s guide to health and healing.


In the future we expect that medical universities will be incorporating this new quantum science as part of an integrative vision of medicine which combines conventional and alternative healing traditions.  Quantum University, a leader in education in the fields of Holistic and Integrative Medicine, has already incorporated these fundamental principles of quantum physics into its curriculum.


Integrative (Quantum) Medicine is not only the key to solving the current healthcare crisis, but it will also lead to a new vision of integrative healthcare not based on disease, but on the full potentiality of the individual.  Our understanding of the human body will expand to include the body’s subtle energy systems, and mental and emotional connections to the physical body.  How the mind works can be explored from a non-dualistic viewpoint, compared to the dualistic philosophy used today.


It will open the door to creative new approaches to healing that have the opportunity to solve problems still unresolved by conventional medicine, specifically in the areas of chronic and degenerative diseases.

Doctorate Course Completed

Quantum Healer

Quantum Physics and Health

Philosophy of Integrative Medicine

New Quantum Medicine


Five Pillars of Health Evaluation

Quantum Consciousness and Evolution

Theoretical Principles of Integrative Medicine

Healthcare Management

Foundations of Integrative Medicine

Quantum Healing and Consciousness

Taoist Medicine

Pro-Consciousness Meditation

Homeopathy & Homotoxicology

Quantum Hormonology

Introduction to Aromatherapy

Auriculotherapy Training

Nutritional Medicine



Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Diet and Nutrition

Orthomolecular Nutrition

Dissertation Methodology

Brain Function and Nutrition

Quantum Hematology

Practicum Workshop II

Hypnotherapy Training

Historical Survey and Foundations

Dissertation Research Project II

PhD Dissertation Research Project

Doctorate and PhD Research


"Yes/No" Self-Testing is a Valuable Method for Assessing Health Priorities to Manage Stress and Reduce, Eliminate and Prevent Disease.

Integrative Medicine Qualification


Doctorate and PhD Integrative Medicine

IQUIM (International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine) Hawaii, USA

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