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Animal Health

Lesley wanted to be vet when she was growing up such was her love of animals.  She quickly went off the idea though when she was informed she would have to “put them down”.  Lesley now works with animals without that concern whether it be small animals coming to clinic, working with bigger animals in the field or doing distance work for them using the owner or handler as a surrogate (physical means to connect with the animal’s energy when necessary).  She is happy to work with herds and on occasion she has been seen in the middle of a field with 130 cows and a bull!!  


Animals respond well to Lesley’s consciousness lead, mind, body, soul practitioner approach to health.  They are very gracious and always find a way to say “Thank you” for the healing.  One horse actually performed a dressage bow after a session much to the surprise of the owner who claimed the horse had never been trained to do so....they never fail to amaze.  


Often animals reflect or take on the ailments of their owners so sometimes the owner will need help too.  Animals are charged at Lesley's concessionary rate.  Call-outs for multiple animals are also available in the local area and are based on time spent (including travelling) rather than per animal. 

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