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*** UPDATE - My in-person clinic is currently open *** 


Distance and Zoom sessions are available

Concessionary rate available for senior citizens, unemployed, students, children and pets.

Also available for your first session. 


ONLINE CLASSES - I am pleased to announce that I can now offer some of my classes online.  You will find current options at the Courses link below and I am hoping to offer further options soon.  


ON-GOING SUPPORT - I understand that this has been, and is continuing to be a challenging time for many.  I have provided online advice, group sessions, self-help techniques and healing visualisations to help those of you who are interested at the Support link below.  I hope you find these useful. 

Look after your wee selves,


Lesley x 

"Nothing is terrible except fear itself."

Francis Bacon

Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton's Take

UK Doctor - Breathing Technique

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Group Sessions

1) Stress relief 300320Lesley McIntyre
00:00 / 12:32
2) Immunity 040420Lesley McIntyre
00:00 / 11:11

Manage Your Stress with Cortices

Guided Healing Visualisation

Changing Lives

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