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Distance Session

I have been doing distance sessions as long as I have been in practice starting with a Reiki approach and adapting that to include Kinesiology, followed by BodyTalk and now integrating everything that I do.  I was initially driven to find ways to "work outside the box" to provide sessions for my family in Scotland and I now have clients all over the world who find me somehow when the time is right.  My intuition has developed amazingly over the years and I can tune into their energy field, assess their priorities and send whatever healing techniques they need regardless of where they are located.  


How does it work?


Have you ever thought about someone and then the phone rings and it’s that person trying to contact you?  Have you heard of the butterfly effect in chaos theory where a hurricane can result from the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier? We are energetic beings who are all interconnected, living in a universe made up of energy.  I have a natural ability along with many energy-based techniques to help anyone regardless of location.  


Who can benefit?


Anyone can benefit from distance work including clients in different countries or who anyone who cannot easily manage to my clinic. This includes babies, children and animals.  


How is it performed?


I usually run my distance sessions on a delay so that they start processing overnight while you sleep and in a more receptive state. These sessions will process for as long as required.  Sometimes the session has to start immediately and a different processing time is needed.  If this is the case I will let you know.  I send you an audio recording of the session which you can listen to prior to the actual session kicking in.  You can contact me should you need further explanation.


How much does it cost?


Distance Sessions are charged at the same rate as a clinic based session.  A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended. 

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