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Nutrition and Weight Management

We are living in a world where many of us are over weight but under nourished.  Modern farming methods and food processing leaves our food lacking in essential vitamins, minerals and the digestive enzymes required to break it down into absorbable nutrients.  Along with man-made hormones, fertilisers and chemicals in the food chain, this leads to foods cravings, allergies, intolerances and weight management issues. Obesity has become a global crisis with a sharp increase in the number of people and children who are overweight and at risk from many health conditions.

Lesley combines her modalities to tailor a programme to suit the individual needs of the client.  This might include speeding up the metabolism, improving the immune system to tolerate foods better, healing the digestive system so it can absorb nutrients better, testing and dosing nutritional supplements where necessary, clearing belief systems around food, releasing emotional reactions to food including the need to comfort eating, not eat at all or purge.  

Lesley advocates The Blood Type eating plan and where it is a priority for the client she can personalise the content to suit the individual along with advise on what foods to combine and when.  This is regardless of whether the need is for better nutrition, to lose weight or to gain weight.  She can also provide guidance on the best types of exercise.

Changing Lives

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