*** UPDATE - My in-person clinic is currently closed due to the lockdown restrictions. *** 


Distance sessions will continue to be available Tuesday to Friday.


Concessionary rate available for senior citizens, unemployed, students, children and pets.

Also available for your first session. 


ONLINE CLASSES - I am pleased to announce that I can now offer some of my classes online.  You will find current options at the Courses link below and I am hoping to offer further options soon.  


ON-GOING SUPPORT - I understand that this has been, and is continuing to be a challenging time for many.  I have provided online advice, group sessions, self-help techniques and healing visualisations to help those of you who are interested at the Support link below.  I hope you find these useful. 

Look after your wee selves,


Lesley x 

"Nothing is terrible except fear itself."

Francis Bacon

Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton's Take

UK Doctor - Breathing Technique

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Group Sessions

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2) Immunity 040420Lesley McIntyre
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Manage Your Stress with Cortices

Guided Healing Visualisation

Manage Your Stress
Stress is the underlying cause of most illness, pain and disease. Find ways to manage your stress.
We need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. No more - no less!!
Daylight at least 30 minutes a day
We need at least 30 minutes daylight each day to reset our natural rhythms and cycles.
Breathe fresh air
We need to breathe to survive - fresh air where possible.
Drink water
Our bodies need water to function and detoxify. Choose fresh, clean, pure water. Don't drink it too too cold or too fast.
Walk a wee bit every day
Walking is an amazing form of exercise and great for general health
Eat well
Eat the rainbow!! Include plenty vegetables (especially green leafy ones), a little fruit, some nuts and seeds and lean protein.
Stay connected
Humans need social connection. Please find safe ways to stay connected with family and friends while in isolation.
Have FUN!!!
There are many ways to have fun while in isolation. Play family games at home or online, watch a comedy box set, learn something new play your favourite music and dance like no-one's watching!!!
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Changing Lives


We need 7-8 hours of sleep every night. No more - no less!!